Jeta Visual Creations

Jeta Visual Creations is a small, flexible company developing high quality visual products. We are specialised in software development for Android and aim to help customers who do not have millions of dollars of budget to develop the Android application they want.

We think that everyone should be able to develop a succesfull Android application, even those with a small budget!

We try to reach this goal by using cutting edge Rapid Application Development tools and a hefty dose of experience with software development. That experience allows us to circumvent the traditional and costly projectmanagement usually found in software development. Instead, we engage the customer in our development proces and stay in close contact throughout the project.

But we do more than software development for Android, our products include, but are not limited to: 

  • Web development including Joomla CMS
  • Digital product photography
  • Graphic design
  • Image processing using Photoshop

Several customers have already enjoyed the way we work, among them are:

So if you harbour a dream of developing an app, or need a new website or logo, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We can't wait to help you!